youth folk high school denmark

Internationals at Egaa Youth Folk High School 

Welcome to Egå Ungdoms-Højskole (Egaa Youth Folk High School). We are open to both Danish and foreign students between the full ages of 16 1/2 and not yet 19 the day a course starts. We would be happy if you chose to spend one or two semesters with us – and we will do our best to provide you with a fantastic stay.

Everybody is welcome at Egaa Youth Folk High School

We admit young people from all over the world. Regardless of your nationality, you have the opportunity to get an experience of a lifetime here at EUH along with other young people – Danes as well as those of other nationalities. We often have students with dual citizenship.
It is our objective for you as a student to develop socially and personally as well as improve your readiness for further vocational education. We do not have homework, grades and exams and our school is not a traditional education but offers a very good alternative. Being here will help you mature and figure out what you would like from your future doing what you love to do the most which could be sports, creative, theoretical and practical subjects. Our experience also tells us that you will both develop and gain a higher degree of consciousness about your own competencies. We educate young people for life.

We will do our best to ensure you an unforgettable time here at Egaa Youth Folk High School.

‘If you find the opportunity to study in Denmark interesting, check out the main webpage for our school, where the english section is much more informative about the classes, the school and the prices. Egå Ungdoms-Højskole is at – For rules about VISA and residence click here

Let former European students tell you what they have learned about danish folk high schools in the video below.